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Landscape Associates Safe Start 2019

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07 January 2019

Safe Start 2019

We started 2019 with Safe Start, it's an idea that was recommend to us by Richard Gardiner of NAG Solutions. As a company, we thought it was an excellent way to begin our year in 2018 and we felt that 2019 should start in the same fashion.

First on the agenda is the purpose of Safe Start. Richard Gardiner leads a discussion about its purpose, which is essentially a way in which we can promote good working practice within the workplace and on our sites. As well as this, we feel the morning is equally about an opportunity for our staff to catch up and discuss their time off. Its a fun and positive way to start the New Year.

This is followed by our our Directors Review. We aim to provide an overview of the previous years events, some of which are highlighted throughout our website Journal. We also use this as an opportunity to thank our staff for the hard work that they have all given over the previous year. Without them RHS Medals, Industry Awards and beautiful gardens, built and maintained, would not be possible.

On the close of the session, we discuss improvement areas within the company that over the next year, we will aim to advance on. This years topics include protective glove use, hand arm vibration (HAVs) and near miss reporting.

We finish the morning with a question and answer session, before our teams head off to their sites to start 2019 in what we hope, is a positive and safe manor.

From all of the team at Landscape Associates, we wish you a successful and prosperous 2019.